So I have added back my headlines feature… somewhat… look to the right hand side of this page, and you will see the links.

I modified aggr (a wordpress plugin:</wbr>/aggr/ ) adding a limited link count, and limited title expansion, and documented my small changes on the authors website ( ).  Sounds more involved than it was… just added two variables and used substr to limit the titles to 40 chars (my pref).

Still need to flesh out a bunch of the feeds, and I need to work on the pre-caching / retention of the feeds.  I only have  world news / tech / rev eng currently pulling feeds at the moment.  Will work on the empty pages in the coming days.

I am not married to any of the feeds either, so if you know of a feed/section that should be represented and is not, let me know.  So please make suggestions for the headlines.  in regards to the Programming and Sec pages, I have a definite idea of what I want to accomplish… programming might be split into lang/arch specific pages.