So apparently Arch linux makes major changes to their init / kernel / boot-up process with out docs pretty regularly. I love arch, but damn it can be annoying when I apply updates remotely and can’t reboot cleanly. I mean come on document that stuff in a way where it is obvious without having to dig through forums. Sorry for the outage, sheesh I suck.

So work had me out of town for a week, it was cold. I got a few pics of a frozen pond I will post later.

A few cool links were past to me such as

Next week I plan on starting an experiment. I am actually going to regulate my sleeping patterns and try and start getting up at 5am, working out before work, and eating 5 small meals a day. I would like to do this for at least 4 weeks, however work/travel may interrupt. I know it sounds like a resolution, but I can assure you it is just an experiment.