I am a fan of the google labs. Gmail labs in particular is a fav of mine, since I tend to use gmail a bunch. In a gmail dev blog post I read this morning, I saw that google had decided to retire some of the lab feature. The list of “graduated” and “retired” can be found on the post. What irked me at the time, was the “retirement” of Fixed Width Fonts.
So I fixed it.

~ I had just only recently started to use this feature and was initially pissed. I then followed links to get to the feedback form, intending to give them a pleading letter of objection. I then started reading the posts in the Fixed Font threads. There I found a greasemonkey to perform the Font switch without the need of the labs. Long story short, Chromium supports greasemonkey scripts, I modified the script to match Chrome’s standards and it works well for me YMMV. You can find the script at the gambit files repo. You can install directly from the page, or download and mess with it yourself, and then later install it.