So I don’t know what was up with the generic keyboard stuff yesterday. I am really digging the new keyboard so blah, not going to worry about it at this point. I currently have the mac to never suspend, 10 mins video suspend, never spin down the hdd. I have installed vmware fusion, and created a vmwareuser account with is now the default login, I have startup login items for the vmware user that starts up my vm’s, and then switches out of the vmwareusers display to the user/passwd screen. Yes I know this is a security risk since anyone with physical access can just shift out of the startups and have full access, but its the size of a tiny lunchbox, and if they have that kind of access already, they can just take it.

I have Arch linux running smoothly in vmware atm… I am a bit concerned with the current 256M for my vm, but will up it to 512 or more when I upgrade the macs memory 1G just seems small now, :)

I need to rummage through the 1.6T of data I have laying about all over the place and try to cut it down. Way too much stuff, which I doubt I will ever get a chance to invest any quality time reviewing. I dont see the need to have more than 20G of data on my server at any time. I think I have about 300G of random stuff on my old server which I want to migrate to a external HDD, and my old XP desktop the gaming machine, I am thinking I might still keep it around since I don’t boot it up that much and never keep it running. Will have to give it some thought… kinda depends on how well the mac mini can game. So over all, I think the mac mini will work for a light desktop (possibly even gaming), and vm server, My next project is to get bootcamp and XP installed… but it can wait.

OSX wise I have bootcamp, macports, X11, Xcode, textmate, and firefox installed, however only firefox is halfway configured.