I bought a Mac Mini 2Ghz Core Duo today, to possibly replace both my server and desktop. First impressions… Coming from a very long line of Linux/BSD/Solaris background… I was initially pleased at the total silence (main reason for the purchase), pleased at the ease of the setup process and it logins into my WPA wireless network with out missing a beat, however it was at this point that stuff started to smell a bit fishy. It proceeds to call home and notify me of updates. It asks for my passwd, I type it in, does not accept. repeat 3-4x . I think I may have mistyped the passwd from initial setup… so I logout, and verify. Yep logs me in so I try again to update… same issue. So I try to boot from the install cd via the desktop icon… it asks me for a password :) , which I like security wise, just annoying at this juncture… So I try to boot from the CD manually… no luck with any of the cryptic key combos listed at various sites to get it to boot from the DVD… so at this point I am assuming it is because I have a generic keyboard and that is somehow messing me up… but will try and procure a Apple keyboard in the next day or so and re-try this process. So to sum up…Really wanted 4G of ram, in the small factory form, however was not an option and I am pissed at the lack of generic keyboard support is clouding my judgment for now.

Will write more of my plans if this does work out.