Picked up an apple keyboard today at lunch and was able to initiate a fresh install…. will write more when I get home and finish.

So I must not have selected the right options earlier… ended up with just a re-install over the existing install, rather than a new install.. but figured out how to do what I wanted… I decided I wanted a fresh install. So started over on the install. Still not completely working with the whole keyboard combos at boot time. Will play around with that later. Right now I am installing a fairly small(ha!) amount of packages, which I think is still over 4g. Of note I got rid of the extra langs, all the i* suites except iMovie & iDVD, and I added X11 with plans to install Macports & Xcode as well. Also found my textmate license so will play around with that later as well. Want to get a nice ruby and python dev environment going. If nothing else openssh & vim should be no problems.