Child’s play is a great charity, run by the folks over at Penny Arcade, which has put toys directly into the hands of hospitalized kids around the world for 4 years running. They currently have 38 different hospitals from which to choose, or you can just donate directly via paypal. I am by default a un-trusting person when it comes to handing out moneys, but I don’t have those reservations regarding Child’s Play. I have been donated toys for the past 4 years, and this year I am trying to get everyone I know to donate as well, not just gamers. So please if you happen to read this stop on by the site and and pick out a toy or two.

Here is a great quote that better describes the whole Charity:

“Q: What is Child’s Play? A: Child’s Play is a Seattle based, gamer-run organization that holds an annual toy drive for childrens’ hospitals. Many of the gifts donated by gamers are, as you might imagine, age appropriate videogames and gaming systems - but they are by no means the only things donated. We received eager donations of coloring books, art supplies, crafts, movies, cartoons, virtually anything a young person could ask for. We asked the world-wide community of gamers, and they gave so much we had to move to larger storage facilities three separate times.

Our 2005 event raised over six hundred thousand dollars in toys and cash for twenty children’s hospitals around the US and the world, putting the community’s total contribution level well over the one million dollar mark. This year, we’ve expanded Child’s Play once more, including our first hospitals in Australia and Africa.

Q: How does Child’s Play work? A: We have partnered with and, which hosts a series of “Wish Lists” stocked with toys the hospitals have requested, as well as age appropriate videogames and game systems selected by Child’s Play. Simply choose the hospital nearest you from our interactive map at and the toys you purchase will be delivered directly. We also accept cash donations via Paypal to, which will be split evenly among the hospitals in this year’s drive. There are no “administrative fees” or other hidden costs associated with giving to Child’s Play – every cent is passed on.

I could not have stated it better, the key sentence for me was the last… “There are no “administrative fees” or other hidden costs associated with giving to Child’s Play – every cent is passed on.” How cool is that!

Have a great Holiday Season.