Well I have started to transition into a programming role, while still performing my security related duties on various projects. To be honest I am ecstatic about the possibilities! Let me start acting like a programmer then :) I think I will offer some un-informed opinions on IDE’s and see if anyone notices. In just a few hours of poking around (about 8 hours of working with Eclipse 3.1 & about 2 hours in Netbeans 5.5 beta 2) I think that netbeans is a bit more polished and more well formed than Eclipse. I think both are great IDE’s, but think I will be trying to focus on using Netbeans.

Otherwise I have been pulled back in to the fold of EOTL, and will have to ween myself away over the next month or so. I expect that if one of my majors dies then it will be an abrupt departure again. For now the mud is vibrant again, or at least I am delusional enough to make myself believe that.

I have been working out more often, and am in better shape than before the summer. Will possibly outline some stuff that I have been doing in that regard here at a later date.

Reading wise I have been sorta catching up on my books, I still have yet to finish the Baroque Cycle, still about 30% done with the last book. I have moved on and read a few books to get back in the mood… Sparrow and the 4th book in the Fire and Ice series. Also have been slowly reading “the Watchmen” graphic novel.

I have been traveling a bunch as of late: most recently in NYC. I think if I had the chance I would move there in an instant, Got to live on the Island though. before that was in DC, Austin… and I am heading to San Fran and then FL here shortly.