Well let’s see, I totally splurged last week and bought an xbox360 and ps2.  I bought the ps2 to play guitar heros, to which Brian offered to teach me to play a real guitar :P.  My goban and yunzi stones came in two days ago, they look fantastic, however now I need to play some more.  I really need to do laundry tonight, I envision that I will have a very long night ahead of me tonight.  I think I forgot to pay for my lawn this week, which means I will have to write a forty dollar check next time.  I need to treat my lawn, and get new sprinklers.  I need to buy tickets to Branson for Jairo’s wedding, and to Vegas for defcon.  Just a bunch of stuff needs to get done.  I have continued to eat “lean” however have not been sticking to my workouts very religiously.