Okay, I have tried not to be too political on this here blog, however this is an issue which I feel needs to be discussed. Net Neutrality, it is a term that has recently been brought into the forefront of American subconscious. What is it you might ask, well here is my take on it. It is the ability to create a site, and have it available to anyone anywhere with an Internet connection, and the only limitation is that of the hardware it is housed on. What a bunch of the BIG telecom companies are trying to do is have the ability to rate the availability of websites based on how much they are paid. So if you want your audience to have free access to your site, you have to pay more to them. This model lends itself more to the bigger businesses, however also provides a way for the telecom companies to almost blackmail any company. Sorta like how the mafia provides services which help the flow of business, the telecom companies are trying to become the muscle for just such an organization. I am sure this is just a bunch of babbling on my part here, so I will leave you links to more meaningful discussions on this subject.

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