I am very motivated as of late about certain stuff, however other stuff is falling behind. For example, I am highly motivated about the CTF stuff, and all security related issues regarding that, however have had the hardest time waking up in the mornings for my workouts. I resolve to workout everyday for until Monday. I am writing it down so that I may be more motivated to act on my goals.

CTF opened earlier this week, quals are June 9th. The due date of Erin and Josh’s baby. I am both nervous and terribly actious to get started with this. I have very high hopes for our team.

I have started to take this energy supplement hydroxycut, which has me on edge a lot. It feels like when I used to take 5 shots of expresso in my frapaccinos sorta fun, but hella nervous. I notice my impatience more too. What is weirder is that I have my alarm wake me at 4:45am and I take some then and again at about 9:30-10am. But never after 1pm. I think I would be way too wired if I were to do that. I am staggering the intake a bit so as to not become reliant on them.