I really did not want to get up this morning.  I laid in bed for about forty five minutes at least 3 snooze bars.  But lucky for me my alarm is set for 4:45am.  (Well actually 5:15am, however I have my clock set thirty minutes fast).  But I was able to get up and out the door before 6am, actually was working out at 6:05am.  To be honest, I think I would not stick to the plan so well if I lived more than 4 miles away from the gym, but so far so good.  If I think about the actual numbers needed to accomplish my fitness goal it is a bit daunting, however I have always believed in over reaching with goal setting.  I think if I stick to the diet and a daily exercise regime I will be within very close striking distance of my long term goal.  Oh the immediate goal is a bit outrageous for sure, however the long term goal is quiet reasonable.  I am only striving so that I can look good in a tux when my friend Jairo gets married.  75 days and counting.  It is amazing how close 75 days seems, however many lifetimes can span that period.  Okay have I been vague enough?

I did my cardio, and some light weights (arms, and chest), and my 15 mins of sauna, nice and easy for the beginning of the week.  going to do cardio and legs on Tuesday.

Going to play a full game of Go tonight I believe.  Did not finish the books I had wanted to this weekend.  Actually I have been sleeping a lot since last Thursday, however I am not complaining at least right now.  I am feeling better with the increase in exercise and sleep.  Okay enough babble for now, will update when I have more technical stuff to talk about.