I am using gregarius, very impressive, however it is not displaying how I like yet, so I will work on it until I am happy, and then put links up.

Worked out this morning 5am again, I am starting to feel the good pain in my muscles and joints. I should look into the creatine to help rebuild faster.

I am about half through the Hikaru No Go animated series. I read the manga about a year ago, it seems to be almost a direct import from manga to anime. There is an anime convention in town this weekend, I may drop on by that and check it out.

I am almost finished with the first book in the learn to play go series. I should have it finished tonight. I would like to finish it and a good chunk of the second book as well before Sunday, when I plan on checking out the local Go players.

Not much else sorta a lazy friday, well besides the workout, reading, and healthy eating :)