I know so bad, I can come up with all sorts of excuses, however it all boils down to it was not a priority, and I made other tasks take precedence. Well that all changes today. I have a wedding to attend in July, that I want to have a much better health for. So workouts if not daily, I don’t know how else to get it accomplished. Diet is the key, so I may re-read BTFFTM. Anyways workout went well I think for a first day back. 2.4 miles on the elliptical trainer, and 5 X 3 exercises mostly arms, chest and back.

I also went through about half of the first book in the learning to play Go series from Janice Kim & Jeong Soo-hyun. I have to say this is the most clear introduction I have ever read. I have read the interactive way of go, and a few other resources, however none have been so easy to follow. I can be dense sometimes and I have to say just the intro chapters to the basic tactics is more than I ever got from the previous readings. I also like how they use both Korean and Japanese terminology with explainations for the various parts of the game, which I have found elsewhere, however never really in a good manor. I have yet to play through a full game, however I believe I will be doing that tonight. By full game, I mean a complete 19X19 board. I have played countless 9X9 and resently started playing the 13X13 boards on my Pocket GnuGo.