Well, I cant deny that I have yet to update about the trip. Overall it was a good trip, however from the start I didn’t know that the VT folks were coming in on Saturday. I might have stayed in SA longer, than oh an hour for lunch. Would not have rushed so fast to get there. Had a great time had not seen Zach since I was maybe 14.

We played some chess, and I played abysmally, yet lucked out and pulled a win as black. I think I messed up my opening. i had meant to play a kings Indian defense, however think I transposed a reverse kings Indian attack for black. with just random junk thrown in as well. I was able to see the moves a little better than Zach at one key point at which he didn’t realize that he could have won. Well again what can i say I gave up too many pieces and got lucky in the end.

We played scrabble, I am terrible at spelling. Not because I had bad teachers or the opportunity to learn. Just has never been an important issue for me. I always say that is what F7 is for.

Got to hang out with Family and overall had a great time.