Well let us look over what I have vaguely mapped out in my head. project/goal/events progress Dead Souls mudlib based mud running Defcon CTF team awaiting info reading list slow going laptop rebuild lazy Sunday clean house pitiful mbox/gmail2blog import planning RUBY programming pitiful So lets break this down. Dead Souls is the only public LPC based mublib that seems to have an active community, and I have latched on. I have a few LPC related docs which I am slowly going through. I need to decided what I want to build as an area, build it and then invite a few friends to come play. Then start looking at more advanced LPC endeavors. It looks like we may be able to field an awesome team if we can stay focused this year, I don’t see it being any problem between now and Defcon, but you never know. Kenshoto is the site I need to keep watching for updates. Need to get the mailing list updated, and start setting up practices, both attacking and defending. Need to hammer out the details of who all will be going. Well I hope to finish “the System of the World” in the coming week. From there I have a list which included Robert Jordan, George R.R. Martin, and a few others, however I have fallen out of the habit of reading copious amounts of text so I need to jump back into the fold. As for the laptop, it is just that time. I have to come up with a clean installation of my sec tools, as well as a effective method of backing up my data. I also need to find a good way to classify all my data. I can’t wait for a workable attributed filesystem. I might go with a Ubuntu or FC5 based install for my main laptop, with vmware and xen to run the test images. What can I say my house is an absolute mess, and I need to spend a day or two to clean it up. Although I may wimp out and hire a maid. God I can’t believe I even am considering that. A lot of discussion going on in my favorite mailing list OpenBS, about a possible change of venue. Migration from a email based forum to an actual forum, blogosphere, or IRC based community. Having just started to become comfortable with the gmail interface, I have a hard time seeing how we could be more efficient an at the same time accessible, but I am open to change. At least a little bit. So for my part, I think I might investigate the possibility of importing an mbox or gmail based store of the current mailing list archive in to a wordpress or similar blog. I guess maybe a migration to a phpbb or similar forum based interface might be more useful, will have to poke around. My path of Ruby enlightenment took a great many tangents in the past 5 months mostly all related to work. I look forward to re-reading my ruby programming book, and exploring the various options available to me for learning. Rubymud, Metasploit, Various RoR sites, tight intigration of Solaris Dtrace tools, and many many more. Overall I have just needed a few weeks downtime to recover from the torrent of work that I have been wading through since October.