Starting to develop a “something” sort of feels like a cold.  Will update if it progresses.  So I have been diving back into the back end stuff for muds.  LPC, LDMud, DGD, and various other mudlibs.  When ever I write out that last word, I always think about madlibs, which reminds me of a session of madlibs I played with my cousins, back when I was probably 5 or 6.  Dolly Parton, and breasts were used at some point in the game, and I believe the original text was the pledge of allegence.  Needless to say I was highly entertained and apparently it left a deep impression.  I can also remember playing monopoly, and taking it really poorly when I would loose.  Sorry all!  Of course I was an emotional little kid at 5.

But getting back to the topic of my current “non-work related” obsession, muds.  I think the combination of the demise of the guild I was a leader of and the overall boredom of playing a GUI Diku, is what brought me back to lp muds.  I have already invited a few people to join me in my exploration of the building process.  Of course I go way overboard when ever I try something like this so I don’t just have a mud running.  I have at least 6 different muds up and running in some form or fashion.  I am most interested in the LDmud, and DGD based mudlibs, however it appears the best documented drivers and mudlibs are those of MudOS.  Okay enough of that if anyone that reads this is interested contact me at mudsys @ google’s webmail.

Non-geeky I have been for the past 3 days trying to eat more healthy.  I am sorta building up to possibly going raw for a period of time.