No I am not yet on a chess cycle, just heard that from a trivial pursuit card a few days ago, and it has stuck.  I have been drinking a lot of mineral water as of late.  Well I should say in the past two days.  I think today will be very productive, I hope I am able to get home early enough to talk with someone about my lawn.  So I have started slowly on a diet this week, with my plans to start working out this weekend, and the following week.  Going to follow Tynan’s simple plan and incorporate what I have learned from Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.  I think in the past I have gone too gung-ho(great movie and gi joe  btw) for diets, and what not.  I quickly loose interest and thereby stop abiding by them.

Work is crazy busy this month.  I need to schedule my vacations.  Redsox/Rangers, J&E’s baby, Jario’s Wedding, Defcon.  Crazy!