So, I had a very busy weekend.  I worked late on Friday, and then saw Final Destination 3.  What a crappy movie, it had some funny parts, but really I am glad I didnt’ pay for it.

I had my cousin, and her son Preston come into town.  We had dinner on Satuday with my Aunt.  We had dinner at Goode Company.  Took Tina and Preston out of the humidity for a couple hours shopping at various locations.  We went to four shops Marshalls, Ross, etc. Just to pass the time.  Preston was a monkey the intire time, which can be fun in moderation.  My Aunt gave me a present for Shawn and Stacey’s child Isabella.  Which happened to be my next stop.

I went and saw Isabella, the cutie girl that was only four days old when I saw her on Saturday.  I hung out and talked with Shawn, his old roomate from College( I forget his name ), and Stacey’s parents.  I did not stay long, maybe an hour.  It was getting late, about 9pm, and I did not want to intrude too much.  I talked with Shawn’s mother (my 2nd Mom) while I was there and told her I would finish with the Taxes by the end of the week.

Played some EOTL, ill got pked but not too fussed about it.  The EOTL cycle may have started again.