Okay so polyphasic is tough.  I sorta tried, to go poly this weekend.  I ended up just taking a “nap” for 12 hours on Saturday from 3am - 3pm, and even longer one on Sunday from like 3-4am - 5pm.  I am still awake since then.  I am not sure if I want to to try the poly this week or focus on simple stuff like work, diet, exercise (repeat).  Well I think the feel of that last sentence sorta just nailed it.  I am going to focus on basics first and then work on the bigger picture when the basics are lined up.  Played way too much WoW this weekend.  I dreamed about it on Sunday, but I knew I was in a dream, yet could not stop thinking about it.  Crazy.  I was able to get some work done. a tiny bit. Which is a small step in the right direction.  I plan on finishing up this post and then getting some more work done.

I set up a website for my guild, http://www.dominatewow.org this past weekend.  It uses a really complicated backend, it just seems that it should be easier to get this stuff done.  I am looking for other mods which will help log guild activity, as well as help out my guild.  It’s weird there was like less than 10 or so people when I joined and now we have at least 75 in.  Wild.

I haven’t gotten back into chess or go yet, however I feel I might swing back into them here pretty soon.

Security-wise I am way behind in my reading.  I am mostly interested in web-app-sec stuff as of late.  I was able to mess with the http://geekradio.com games section.  I am now the games master :P.