Weird!  Has been more than a year since I have had a roomie for my office.  My office has three desks of which I recently moved to the best one.  Meaning I have a window and face the door so as to not be caught un-aware.  I got my first letter back from U of H about the admissions.  I need to get Vandy and the M3C to send in my horrible marks.  No progress on the todo list at least not one that is public or web-enabled.  Today should be focused mostly on finishing up some project work, and making large chunks of the work load go away.  I have managed to eat healthy lunches everyday this week so far.  I went to Tokyohana last night and had hibachi shrimp & steak, sushi maguro & eel, gyoza ,calamari, and teriaki chicken on sticks.  Very good, but ate way too much.