It is my first day back to work after shmoocon. I am a bit disappointed that I did not place higher than 3rd on the hacking contest at shmoo. ARRRRG I need to learn more netcat foo. I have to remember carriage returns. Otherwise a good con, lots of fun. Hung out with my friends and got to hear some interesting talks. Plan to check out more of Xovi, Directed Arp spoofs, which I believe can be bypassed with arpstar(hosted on SF, but site seems to be down). At least for linux based machines, don’t know of an equivalent in the MS world.

Doing good on the no sodas as well has been a week with no carbonated drinks, and much tea and water. Think I will be trying some funky banana and corn type recipes here soon. Will write more later this week, however have tons of work I need to finish as well.