OK so Work has been kicking my butt as of late, mostly be cause I tend to procrastinate..(him I think I found another item to add to my list). I think I have just been too scatterbrained this week. Not enough sleep to keep concentration going. Plus work is not fun..well OK work is fun, documentation blows.

I have been dragged back in to playing WoW, which can ravish all your free time like no ones business. Yet I have found an interesting outlet which allows for me to continue to explore the programming aspects of my goals, while also playing a fun game. You can program the hell out of this game. From simple custom macros, small scripts, to full on GUI add-ons all written a scripting language LUA. Now I know exactly nothing about lua other than it exists and is a scripting language, however I did pick up a book at halfprice which talks about Python, Ruby and Lua in regards to game programming fun!

Pretty close to leaving for the shmoo, am getting excited. I love to travel when it is not mandatory. However I think most people are that way, so I am not alone on this.