Heh, well I am trying once more to keep a journal. I will probably even work on getting this wordwrap thing fixed. Lets see I stayed up tonight and read a good online novel you can find at the following: http://www.kuro5hin.org/prime-intellect

It was pretty good, it had some bad sex scenes in it that I could do with out and it was pretty bleak, but it does rise some interesting questions. What is next for civilization and how will we as a culture deal with the decreasing need for us to work?

I also hacked a “hackers challenge” type website earlier today. They have like 74 challenges which were not properly locked down. I found a loop hole and jumped through 70 of the challenges almost with no work. I got labeled as a cheater, which I found terribly funny.

I am looking forward to hearing if I have the job at SLC, if not my hours are picking up with DYN and I am getting more money per hour too. Over all this has been a good week.