I haven’t been keeping up with the journal, and all my fans are in the dark. Ha!. Ok quick recap. Karen moved to Michigan after we broke up. The two events are not totally related. We broke up before she decided. I was layed off from Reliant and have been retacent to start a new job since I am going to China on Monday. That about wraps it up. Mom moved into town which is great since we are hanging out more. I have not cleaned my apartment in a long while and I need to do so very quickly. I saw SWII 3 times in the theatre and Yoda rocks. I have yet to see spiderman. I have been playing D&D 3e, only one session so far but I like how the game has adapted. I am playing a Psion/Monk in the campaign and have come close to death twice in only one melee. I will be adding a section to my site about my character. http://www.shaolinusa.org is coming around nicely even though you can’t reach it at that address. You can see the site in all its glory here: http://kungfu.skoutsec.net ok everyone knows what is up with me. I will try to keep up the journal while in China to keep everyone aware of what is going on.