I really enjoy when all things are in the right location. It gives me a very calm feeling. My cube is clean, my kitchen has very few dirty dishes. My network has a tight design. The only problem so far is the id missmatch errors for the aironet cards with the bsd kernel on my laptop when I am using OpenBSD. I am at peace. Work is going well today very relaxing compared to the past two days. I am drinking a very nice bing ju tea, and eating some very tasty girl scout cookies. I went overboard this year and bought like 20 boxes of cookies. In my new cube I have a great view sorta. I can look across to the building on the other side of the street, and watch as the building breathes. The windows all expand and contract with an near chaotic rythim. Heh can you say oxymoron? good I thought you could. I went with Karen last night to see Amelie.. sorry for the pause just got back from lunch. OK back to the movie. Lunch was great just had dumplings mmmmm doozoos. Well I guess. I also was amazed yesterday to find out that there have been a ton of people to play the role of Gidget.