Thats right I get to go back to graveyard shifts for about two months This is going to be very wierd, but I am not too worried. I start Wed night. I will be putting in about 70+ hours this week. I cleaned my apartment for like 12 hours straight, on last friday night. OK enough about that… ok one more thing. It is only for 2 months. Heh and I just turned down an offer for a Sr Security Consultant job that would have been upwards of 120k sigh. ok again I say on to a new subject: KungFu I was able to slid out early today and picked up the harddrive and got the entire class tonight started out hard. My throat started to close up and it was hard to breathe for a bit. I had to relaxe the throat. I finally realize what is needed. To be really good, I will need to start working out for strenght outside of the class and then just use the class for getting the flow down. ok. I think I will add the new hard drive now. wish me luck.