Did you know that bumble bees commnicate via complicated dances? interesting… I was up all night of course, I was at work. it helps to stay awake while at work. They tend to frown at sleeping on the job. Well Enron never said anything, but hey it was Enron! oh check out ebay.com and do a search for Enron. they have copies of the code of ethics books going for as much as 200 bucks. So you know what I am going to be doing sat morning. Thats right I am raiding my stash of enron stuff.I have to replace a supervisor board for a cat 5000 tonight, hopefully it will copy the config from the secondary sup board and not delete both boards. for those who don’t know they are a very expensive router. VERY expensive. have gotten back to drink lots of water. I hope to get in for some kungfu on sat afternoon. Sun mornin and sun after noon.