7:45am I arrive and park 7:55am I find out which court (court 3) docket is set for 9am, i thought it was 8am 8:00am I am in court and they tell us to leave until 9am 8:15 I call the laywer no answer 8:25 I call the laywer no answer 8:35 I call the laywer no answer 8:45 I call the laywer get lawyer and he says will be right up 9:15 docket is called no lawyer 9:23 Judge asks if Colin M is in court. I state he is being held by INS Judge says" Ahhh he is a guest, ok"

9:45 I notice the lawyer is now in the room. 10:00 the lawyer notices Colin is not here. 10:15 the lawyer notices me. 10:17 the lawyer approaches me, we talk and he tells me what the case against Colin is. you were right he has a long list of priors with this girl. She says he has been following her for like the last 4 years. 10:20 Lawyer recommends getting an INS lawyer. 10:21 I state I don't want to spend any more money, and that All I am willing to do is ship his stuff home. 10:23 I ask about the Bail money and if I am responceble, he shrugs it off and say nah 10:23.30 I don't believe him… we say goodbyes and he says he will try and find Colin. 10:38 I head to the bailbonds man and confirm my thoughts that I am still liable for the bail if there is no show on Colin. 11:05 At work, Head to lunch.