Man I need to start stretching more before my workout. I tend to come late to class and just start. I find myself more prone to injury when I do this. So I am no longer going to just jump in. I will wait at least 5 mins. I want to start running more. I mean I want to start putting in like 30+ miles a week in. I need to find the motivation to do this. Right now a lot of my motivation is tied up with continuing with kungfu. I signed up to go to China with Shi De Shan and Shi Xing Ying. I will be going late next summer. I am very excited. workout: shibasu and small forms, class was over for the people not late. I then headed outside and did more shibasu and then did 5 sets of the long forms. did the small bo form a couple times. I then did mabu 100, gombu left and right 100, 50 pushups and 3 mins of left and right syadic stretches. not too hard just lost a ton of fluids. Was hard getting back in the flow of things.