Got broken into this weekend, strangly I am very cool about the whole ordeal. I mean, I got a lot done on Sunday. I washed my truck which is odd since it has been like six months since the last time. I got a haircut and man is it short. I also went looking for cars at the VW dealerships, but alas they were not open so no test drives. Anyways quicker catchup. Went to GP’s this last weekend. I had a great time. Got to hang with cousins install a cool game on my GP’s computer, and had some tasty food. Mmmmmmm Turkey. I once again proved with out a doubt that I am a terrible basketball player. I also have become accustomed to the drive. 6 hours non-stop 7.5 with a meal is a bit of a trail. We had dinner at a wonderful place called la Cabana cafe just past beecave. Very authentic meals and not too bad price wise. On the way back we junk food’ it. I am still trying to finish my re-read of the WOT series. I am on to the 8th book and hope to be on 9th within a week. I feel sooo fat right now since i have not worked out since last tuesday. I am looking forward to class tonight. I hope I can get there before 7pm. I just got back from replacing my window was not too bad only 177.something. I was expecting it to be more. ok will tell about my return to the kungfu workout tonight.