I had a great workout and will tell more later…. Ok it is later and that means I am to spill the beans on my workout. I of course got to the class about 6pm which is about 30-45 mins into the class. They were just finishing streching, and I got to do about 10 mins of them until we started the “Shibashu” ( I know I am butchering this. Shi De Shan would watch us go across and then he would go after us and show the correct form. I got a lot from his technique. Went through a couple quan very slowly and then did them up front of the class. I presented the idea of the interview to Madonna and she and Shi De Shan wanted to review Cyberkwoon first. I can understand that. We then started the second class, with running stairs. After about 16 laps I started to feel some pain. I cut out a little early. I wanted to save my strength for Saturday I plan on going all out on both classes at 10am and 4:30pm. ok ttl