Well I just had my first sparing class. It was fun, made a mistake and let my instructor use my palms as a punching board. I now have a little bruise right below my left index finger. after I noticed my wounds (heh) I put on gloves. (((I don’t know how to attack))) this can be a problem when getting in front of the class and sparing with your teacher. I think I did ok. the work out was hard today. I got off early and headed over at about 5:05. We ran about 2 miles (from on I am going to carry my running shoes in my truck kungfu shoes suck at support), then stretched for about 15 mins, We then split in to the 3 classes, new, middle, old. I am a “new” student. Now most of the “new” students are between the ages of 4-7, this can be a pain when I am trying to learn the forms. Ok so we start doing the 18 warm ups, and then I get to lead part of the class in Wubu tran it was fun. Then we did Chahou tran and Lium wha tran. I know I am butchering those but I will get the spelling later. We finish with Mabu for about 80 and situps/pushups/ leaps and leg lifts. That was the first class then I was planning on watching the sparing class ffor a while and then head out. but Shi De Shan saw that i was hanging about and asked me to join the class. It was pretty cool. more of a boxing class than kungfu. I still don’t know how to kick well, so it was mostly me going back to my boxing training i did years ago. I mostly just blocked and threw a few punches. Heh I did a Movie move. the throw a distraction punch to the far left and follow with a quick right to the head.