Well tonight I did some research about the Monks I take kung fu from.  Man they are some very cool people I suggest to anyone to come by the temple and check it out.  lots of fun.  They don’t speak very much english but man they are very funny, always joking with big smiles.  When they are training you… they can be very serious, but it is by far the best time i have had working out.  Here are a couple links:

Shaolin Temple Official website can’t seem to find one yet. will update if I do.

Old Article about Masters Shi De Shan and Shi Xing Hao

A pretty cool MA (martial arts) discussion forum http://cyberkwoon.com

A site about a guy visiting Shaolin Temple http://Russbo.com

A quick site I found with Master Shi De Shan pictured http://www.chinwoo.com/tcl2001/2001seminars/ShiDeShan.html

And one about Master Shi Xing Ying http://www.chinwoo.com/tcl2001/2001seminars/ShiXingYing.html

Random Links that look promising: http://www.shaolin.nl/

OK OK OK that is enough I need to go to bed.